Pakistani male model demonstrates gallantry isn't dead on FPW runway

Pakistani male model demonstrates gallantry isn't dead on FPW runway

While we're burrowing all the garments at the three-day Fashion Pakistan Week, there were additionally some non-design related minutes that accidentally turned into the feature of the show.

Strolling the runway is serious stuff and can get upsetting with consecutive shows. Closet glitches and broken shoes are additionally normal. In any case, what we saw on the third day of FPW was not something we see each day.

Model Kesha Siddique broke her shoe and her individual model Subhan Awan acted the hero.

Subhan bowed down and attempted to fix Kesha's shoe however proved unable. So all things being equal, he helped her take her heels off and grasped her shoes. Kesha kept on strolling the slope shoeless.

The crowd cheered Subhan for his courageous demonstration and some even yelled out gestures of recognition for him.

The charming video has since been causing adjusts via web-based networking media and individuals to have been showering the remarks segments with heart emoticons and calling Subhan a genuine man of honor. Ladies even communicated their desires to wed somebody like him.

The model and on-screen character had a remark about his signal.

"Regarding ladies since that is the thing that our general public is about," he composed on his Instagram. "Caps off to the excellent and certain Kesha Siddique for proceeding with her walk shoeless."

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